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eSports is not one cohesive sport. [...] I do think the idea of a single source outside of sport governance can improve the industry’s legitimacy and sponsorship opportunities, though; specifically, a single, reliable source for audience measurement/ratings…

Nicole Pike eSports research consultancy Nielsen

Simplifying Team Builder is a good thing in my book. [...] it eliminates annoying and unnecessary complications in the matchmaking process. It just has to get better at actually matchmaking.

Yannick LeJacq


  • Emailcheck_circle
  • Multiple ID Cross-checkcheck_circle
  • Affiliationscheck_circle
  • Open API Verificationcheck_circle
  • Transaction historycheck_circle


  • P2P
  • Reputation
  • Game Stats from API
  • Tournament results
  • Content Sharing

PlayerOne ID is everyone’s ticket to

Better games & competition
Play with the right people to improve your gaming experience

Find or be found by players, leagues, and communities

Safe Environment
Validate reputation: identify abusers and credible players

One single login & easy unified payment system


2018 Q4

Project Evolution

  • "Whats Your Gamer ID?" Campaign
  • Partnerships and Endorsements
  • Reward System Development

2019 Q1

Protocol Initiative

PlayerOne Protocol 1.0
  • API, Authentication, Admin
  • Platform Integration (Web Prototype, PC & Mobile)
  • Player Data Integration
  • Reward System
  • Product Team Development

2019 Q3

Service Initiative

Player App 1.0 Release
  • Player Search, Leaderboard
  • Matchmaking, Ladder system
  • Player Recruiting System
  • P2P Verification, P2P Reputation Development

2019 Q4

Protocol Advanced

PlayerOne Protocol 2.0
  • P2P Verification, P2P Reputation

2020 Q1

Service Expansion

Player App 2.0 Release
  • Community based e-sports League

2020 Q2

Business Initiative

Business Platform
  • Game Marketing, Game Asset Exchange, Payment, Data API