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a decentralized gamer identity protocol

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games end, your identity doesn’t

Why Gamer Identity?

With the rise of competitive games and eSports, the need for verified gamer identity also grows in demand.

Matching gamers who do not abuse


Absence of team data (inclination / member / achievement)

Team seeker

Absence of applicant data (applicant’s team activity history)

Member seeker

Difficulty in recruiting target gamers

Game company

Difficulties in integrating player records

eSports Association

Hassle of applicant verification process

Tournament host

Absence of gamer database for player discovery

Pro gaming team

Utilizing blockchain, PlayerOne is shifting the ownership of gamer data to the gamer. For the first time in the game industry, an integrated gamer database (like Linkedin for gamer) will be open.

PlayerOne ID

PlayerOne ID is a permanent gamer ID on the blockchain. All game IDs and achievements of a gamer are connected to the PlayerOne ID.

Why Blockchain?

The core value of PlayerOne lies in connectivity. Trust is imperative to build effective connectivity amongst all parties within the gaming industry. PlayerOne will implement blockchain technology to provide the gaming industry with a trustless system of trust.

Reliable Data

Verified data stored on the blockchain is immutable and irreversible. No single point of failure.


Industry neutral. No singular central authority. No conflict of interest.

Trust to Data Contributors

The use of data is at the sole discretion of the private key holder. The compensation for data provision is transparently disclosed.

Our Mission

Based on the PlayerOne protocol, we plan to build a standardized infrastructure where games and related services can operate and flourish cost-efficiently, and where gamers can experience enhanced entertainment and monetize gameplay.

Token Economy

PlayerOne Token (‘PLO’) is a utility token that can be used as a means of payment within the PlayerOne ecosystem. PLO is transferable between individual users and exchangeable at exchanges.

Earn PLO

  • Profile building
  • Tournament participation
  • Recommendation
  • Response to marketing
  • Event participation


  • PR (personal profile, team profile)
  • Premium service fee
  • Player transfer fee, coaching fee
  • Marketplace

Purchase PLO

  • Advertisement
  • API subscription (Game data, PlayerOne ID)
  • Tournament sponsorship

Our Contribution for EOS


Since early 2018, our team has been organizing the first EOS Dev Meetup in South Korea. 'SEOUL EOS MEETUP' has become the largest EOS development meetup in Korea with about 600 members. Many teams including Blockone, Everipedia, EOSeoul, EOSYS, EOS Knights gathered at this Meetup.

EOS Commander

In November 2017, our team has introduced 'EOS Commander' to EOS developer ecosystem, which was 6 months earlier than the launching of the EOS mainnet.
EOS Commander is the first EOS mobile open source client to help a developer to develop EOS dAPP easily with Java. Developers can use EOS Commander to test their smart contract on mobile & PC. Various projects such as EOS Knights, PocketEOS, EOS-JVM have utilized EOS Commander in their projects.


2018 Q4

Protocol Initiative

  • API, Authentication, Admin
  • ID Verification, Player Data Integration
  • Blockchain Smart Contract

2019 Q1

Service Initiative

  • Gamer Search & Gamer Page
  • P2P Reputation & Reward system
  • PLO Wallet

2019 Q2

Service Advanced 1.0

  • Team Management System 1.0
  • Marketplace (Game Gift Card, Blockchain games, e-Coupon)

2019 Q3

Protocol Expansion

  • PlayerOne OAuth for Publisher
  • PlayerOne Data API
  • Payment Gateway API

2019 Q4

Service Advanced 2.0

  • Team Management System 2.0
  • Player Trading System

2020 Q1

Service Expansion 1.0

  • Game Tutoring System

2020 Q2

Service Expansion 2.0

  • Community-based e-sports League
  • Tournament System, Customized Leader Board

2020 Q3

Business 1.0

  • Game Marketing System
  • e-Sports Marketplace (Ticketing, Goods)

2020 Q4

Business 2.0

  • Game Distribution Platform




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